Use this link to add Rejoiner to your Zapier integrations.

Zapier is a tool that enables merchants to connect SaaS providers in an automated fashion, unify their customer data, and do so using two simple concepts: triggers and actions. Our Zapier integration is currently in beta.

Put simply: When a trigger occurs in one platform, you can take action in another.

Currently, our integration is mainly focused on providing merchants with actions. In other words, when important triggers happen in your other apps, you can take action in Rejoiner and complete various tasks automatically.

Configuring Zapier

Before you launch your first Zap, you’ll need to input your Rejoiner Site ID, API Key and Webhook Secret.

You can find those things in your Rejoiner Account Settings.


Triggers are events that occur in the Rejoiner platform that can be used to take action in other platforms.

Customer Opt OutSync opt outs from Rejoiner with other apps.


Actions are things you can do in Rejoiner, triggered by events that happen in other platforms.

Add Customer to ListAdd a customer to a list in your Rejoiner account.
Convert CustomerFind the most recent unconverted session for a customer and convert it.
Start JourneyInsert a customer into a webhook triggered journey using the journey ID.
Remove Customer From ListFind a customer on a selected list and remove them.
Get Customer ProfileGet all profile data on an individual customer.
Update Customer ProfileUpdate a specific field of a customer’s profile.
Unsubscribe CustomerSet a customer’s subscription status to unsubscribed in Rejoiner.
Get Customer MetadataGet all metadata associated with a customer.
Update Customer MetadataUpdate a specific piece of customer metadata.