Data Subject Requests

Evolving privacy legislation has created a new standard for how customer data must be handled by marketers. More specifically, legislation like GDPR & CCPA provides a set of inalienable rights to data subjects relative to how their data is handled by your organization. Rejoiner facilitates providing those rights via the following workflow:

Initial Request

Subscribers can make one of the following data requests via their Subscription Preferences view. This page allows subscribers to opt-out and to place GDPR requests in accordance with the expanded rights that GDPR has provided regarding data subject's personal data.


By clicking "Data Request" from their preferences page, a subscriber will be taken to a form that allows them to submit their data request. There they can execute all of their rights such as the right to access, right to be forgotten, right to rectification, and right to restrict processing.

Request Workflow

  1. Once Rejoiner has received the data subject request from a data subject, we will forward it to the email address stored for GDPR Data Request Notifications in your Rejoiner account's GDPR Settings. Your subscribers will also receive a notification that the request has been successfully submitted.
  1. You or a representative at your company will then need to verify the identity of the requestor. Post verification, submit the form in your GDPR Settings to complete their request.
  1. Once submitted, Rejoiner will process the final request and deliver the results to the email address listed in your account's GDPR settings.

Request Types

Right to Access

Rejoiner will gather all of the information about a subscriber and will provide that data in a standard downloadable format that can be shared with the data subject.

Right to be Forgotten

Rejoiner will delete all of the information stored about the subscriber once verification has been provided.

Right to Rectification

Rejoiner will update the requested information about the subscriber once verification has been provided.

Right to Restrict Processing

Rejoiner will blacklist the subscriber, will suppress future tracking of that subscriber, and will never email that subscriber again.