Snippets enable you to develop global, reusable email components that can be employed across creatives. This is especially effective for email components that are frequently re-used like headers, footers, free shipping blocks, etc.

Should you need to make an adjustment to one of these components, you can make a single change to the snippet and deploy it to all of the creatives that use it.

Building Snippets

To create a new snippet, click Creative in the main navigation, then Snippets in the sub-nav:


Then, click Add New Snippet:


Next, name the snippet and start building. Currently, snippets must be coded using HTML/CSS. If you're not a developer, we recommend using the Drag and Drop Editor.


Leveraging Snippets

Once a snippet is developed, it can be injected into an email creative using the snippet's merge tag.

Advanced Editor

From the editor, start by locating the View Snippets icon:


Click View Snippets, then find the snippet you'd like to inject into your template code:

Then click, Copy Snippet Tag.


Once, you've got your snippet tag copied, you'll transition back into the code editor where you can paste your tag:


Drag and Drop

You can also access your snippet library from the Drag and Drop Editor using the same process.

Note: Snippets will not render while you're building in the drag and drop. They will render if you preview the drag and drop template.


The merge tag syntax for snippets is:

{% include_snippet 'snippet-name' %}