Customer Profiles

Customer profiles serve as the single system of record for each identified customer in your account:


Customer Overview

The overview tab houses customer details such as:

  • First & Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Birthday
  • Tags
  • Timezone
  • Language

Manually Unsubscribe Customers

Customers can be manually unsubscribed directly from their profile by clicking Unsubscribe:


Order History

The Order History tab presents the customer's purchase history. You can drill down into each order by clicking View Details or the order number:


Session History

The customer's Session History summarizes each unique browsing session that we've observed on your website. Drill into each session for a detailed event timeline by clicking on the Session ID:


Journey History

The Journey History tab presents a table of journeys that a customer has triggered historically, as well as those that are in progress.


Manually Exit Customers from Journeys

There will be instances where you may need to manually intervene in a customer's journey and exit them early. To do so, scroll over to the Next Action in Journey column and click Cancel Journey:


Send History

The Send History tab presents a table of emails the customer has received. We store a rendered version of each individual email, including dynamic content, for record-keeping purposes. This way, you always have the ability to see exactly what a customer saw. You can view each email, by clicking on the record in the Subject Line column:


Explicit Consent

If you're doing business in a place that requires explicit consent for marketing, then you'll most likely be using an opt-in checkbox on your subscription form and/or double opt-in.

Customer profiles display the customer's consent status, as well as an auditable log of how and where that consent was provided: