User Management

Adding Users

To add users to your Rejoiner account, start by clicking Settings in the main nav. Next, click the Users Tab:


To add a new user, click Invite New User:


Enter the new user's email address and confirm.

Their account is now Invited. The user will receive an email from [email protected] that asks them to accept their invitation, to confirm their email address, and set a password on their new Rejoiner account:


You can also share an invitation link with the new user directly. To do so, click the Copy Invite Link next to their user account:


Invitation Workflow

  1. The invited user will receive an email from Rejoiner, or you may share the invitation link with them directly. They must click through this link to confirm their email address.

  2. Next the user will be asked to set up a password for their new Rejoiner account.

  3. Finally, the user will be asked to set up two-factor authentication. This is a requirement for all Rejoiner user accounts.

Removing Users

To delete a user from your account, locate their email address in the Users view, then click Delete. You'll be asked for a secondary confirmation to finalize the user's deletion:



Before deleting users, verify that they haven't deployed a Personal API key to any third-party integration. Personal API keys that are issued to deleted users are no longer valid. API keys generated after January 2021 are not attached to specific users.