Creative Overview

In this article, we'll cover the basic aspects of building creative in Rejoiner.

Email Builders

There are two ways to build an email in your Rejoiner account.

  1. Drag and Drop Editor The drag and drop editor allows non-technical users to build no-code email templates with an intuitive visual interface.

  2. Advanced HTML/CSS Editor: The advanced editor enables email developers to work directly in code using their own templates or code that's being migrated from another platform. This editor is not recommended if you are unfamiliar with HTML/CSS.

Dynamic Content

Rejoiner supports a variety of datasets that can be injected into your email templates. This could be data pertaining to a customer's browsing session, cart composition, customer profile, etc.

You can explore the possibilities by reviewing our Template Tag documentations.


Every Rejoiner customer has access to our recommendation algorithm, which automatically surfaces relationships between complementary products across your catalog, based on the purchase behavior of your customers.


Snippets enable you to build global components for the re-usable aspects of your email channel. For example, you may want to design a common header and footer that gets employed across all of your email templates. Snippets allow you to build those components in a central location and then deploy the global component to your email templates using a simple merge tag.

Links IDs

Link IDs enable you to tag specific content in your templates in order to measure which content types are clicked on most often. You can also use Link ID clicks to segment your customers based on their content preferences.