Managing Segments

Exporting Segments

Rejoiner allows you to export your segment’s customers to a CSV.

  1. First, click on the export segment on the right corner of your segment’s customers section:
  1. Next, select which fields you would like to include with your export:
  1. When you've selected your desired fields, click Export. You will see the following while it is working on your export:

You will receive a notification email as soon as the export is complete.

Rejoiner will store the export file in the segment for 24 hours or until a new request takes place. That way, if you delete the email, you will be able to quickly get your CSV from your segment.

If you click on the download icon as shown below, you will be able to retrieve the latest export of your segment:


Broadcasting to a Segment

You can broadcast to a segment just like you would broadcast to a list.

  1. Start by building a new broadcast.

  2. You’ll notice an option to select a segment, in addition to selecting a list. You can select any combination of lists and segments and the platform will deduplicate prior to send:


Triggering Journeys with Segments

One of the most powerful capabilities of a segment is to take action upon a customers entry or exit. Automated journeys can be triggered when either of these events occur.

To configure a journey that triggers on segment entry or exit, simply build a new journey, select the Added to Segment or Removed from Segment, then select your segment to watch:

Sync Segments to Facebook

Paid advertising channels like Google and Facebook enable you to create exact match & lookalike audiences from your email subscriber database. This is a powerful way to serve paid advertising directly to a group of people who are already engaged with your brand.

The best way to sync subscribers with other channels is with segments. Currently, segment sync supports Facebook and we'll be rolling out additional channels in the very near future.

Configuring Facebook Audiences

  1. Once you've created a segment, head over to "Syncing" in the Segment's sub-navigation.
  1. Then click, "Add Channel"
  1. From here, you'll need to auth into your Facebook Ads account.

  2. Once authorization is complete, you will choose the Facebook Ads account associated with your business. Finally, you'll choose which audience to sync to or create a new one.