Getting Started

Welcome to Rejoiner. We'll have you up and running in no time.

What is Rejoiner?

An email service provider built specifically for direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands.

Integrating with Rejoiner

The first step is to connect your website to our application. This enables us to capture important events throughout your customer journey.

eCommerce websites can send us customer data in one of three ways:

  1. Platform Connectors: Native platform extensions that deploy Rejoiner tags and API integrations after a simple installation process.

  2. Google Tag Manager: Deploy the Rejoiner Javascript library and leverage the GTM enhanced eCommerce spec to complete the integration.

  3. Custom Javascript: Deploy the Rejoiner Javascript library and leverage your internal data layer to complete the integration.

Platform Connectors

Select your platform from the list below, then follow the step by step configuration instructions:

Custom Platforms

If you're on a proprietary platform or one that we don't have a native integration for:

Migrating to Rejoiner

We offer concierge migration from your current email service provider. In most cases, we can mirror your contacts and list structure in Rejoiner programmatically while at the same time:

  • Removing inactive subscribers
  • Validating subscribers to remove spam traps, disabled inboxes, known complainers, etc.
  • Executing warm-ups on your new Rejoiner infrastructure


  • Lists: Organize your subscribers, custom fields, and measure audience growth.
  • Segments: Create targeted customer groups that update dynamically.
  • Email Builders: Build email creative with a drag and drop or advanced HTML/CSS editor.
  • Broadcasts: Deliver one-off sends, tests, and resends to lists and/or segments.
  • Journeys: Trigger automated marketing flows based on customer lifecycle events.
  • Reporting: Measure the effectiveness of your email marketing channel.
  • Profiles: Create a single system of record for each individual customer and their interactions with your email channel.

Use Cases

We're Here to Help

If you get stuck or have questions, send us an email or give us a call at +1 (800) 284-4603 Ext. 2.

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