This endpoint is used to track product views. It also updates Rejoiner's information about a product on your site.

Param NameRequiredTypeNotes
product_idYesStringA unique identifier of the product (e.g. a SKU)
nameNoStringThe name of the product
categoryNoArray(String)An array of categories the product belongs to
priceNoIntegerThe price of a product in cents
image_urlNoStringThe URL of an image or thumbnail of the product
product_urlNoStringThe URL of the product page on your site
stockNoIntegerThe current stock value of the product
expiration_dateNoDate StringA string representing the date on which the product expires


Important Note

The expiration_date field is stored as a proper datetime and is simply used for audience segmenting and display purposes.


Any additional params will be treated as strings and added to the metadata field of the product.