This endpoint is used to add or update data about an item added to cart in the current transaction.

Param NameRequiredTypeNotes
product_idYesStringThe unique SKU or ID which identifies the product
nameNoStringThe name of the product
priceNoIntegerThe unit price of the product in cents
descriptionNoStringA short description of the product
categoryNoArray(String)Categories which the product belongs to
item_qtyNoIntegerThe quantity of the product in the cart
qty_priceNoIntegerThe total price of the product (price X quantity) in cents
product_urlNoStringThe URL of the product on your site
image_urlNoStringThe URL of an image or thumbnail of the product
expiration_dateNoDate StringA string representing the date on which the product expires.


Important Note

The expiration_date field is stored as a proper datetime and is simply used for audience segmenting and display purposes.


Any additional params will be treated as strings and added to the metadata field of the cart item.