This endpoint will update a the customer record with matching email or create a new customer profile record.

POST /customers/

Payload Specification

Param NameRequiredTypeDescription
emailYesStringThe email address of the customer
first_nameNoStringThe first name of the customer
last_nameNoStringThe last name of the customer
phoneNoStringThe phone number of the customer
timezoneNoStringThe timezone of the customer
ageNoNumberThe age of the customer
genderNoStringCan be either m or f
languageNoStringNo more than 2 characters
address1NoStringStreet address line 1
address2NoStringStreet address line 2
address3NoStringStreet address line 3
cityNoStringCustomer address city
stateNoStringCustomer address state
postal_codeNoStringCustomer address zip code
countryNoStringCustomer address country
birthdateNoStringMust match format YYYY-MM-DD
tagsNoArray(String)Customer Tags
is_unsubscribedNoBooleanWhether the customer is unsubscribed
metadataNoJSON ObjectAny arbitrary data about the customer