Test Abandons Are Not Tracking

There are several factors that could be impacting our ability to track abandoned carts on your site. Here's a run-down of possible issues to check that would cause tracking to fail:

Issue: Your abandonment buffer has not expired.
Fix: Verify your  abandonment buffer settings and that you've waited long enough for the cart to be defined as abandoned. 
Issue: You've integrated Rejoiner JavaScript on a domain that is different from the one you signed up with.
Fix: If you're integrating in a test environment, you'll need to whitelist the domain for your account by emailing devops@rejoiner.com.
Issue: The setDomain parameter of your Rejoiner JavaScript tag is configured incorrectly.
Fix: Verify that the setDomain parameter used in your JavaScript employs a leading dot, no subdomain, does not have any extra forward slashes or back slashes, and matches the domain that your Rejoiner account is configured to track.

_rejoiner.push(['setDomain', '.yoursiteurl.com']);
Issue: Your platform add-on hasn't been enabled or configured.
Fix: Depending on your eCommerce platform, you may need to enable the Rejoiner add-on from within your platform admin view. 
Issue: The sendConversion call is being employed too early.
Fix: Verify that the sendConversion call is only being used on goal pages and nowhere else. Goal page examples would be customer receipts, order confirmations or other success pages.
Issue: Your Rejoiner JavaScript isn't placed on a page where an email could be captured.
Fix: Verify that your Rejoiner JavaScript is placed on a page where a customer email address would be captured. This is typically a cart, registration or checkout page.

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