No Cart Data Is Being Tracked

If the emails of abandoners are being tracked, but not the contents of abandoned carts, there could be a couple issues causing the problem. Here's what to look for:

Issue: The Rejoiner JavaScript API hasn't been set up.
Fix: It's fairly common that the API is overlooked or is using placeholder data. Verify that cart data is being injected into the tag via the setCartItem endpoint.
Issue: Single and double quotes, which are included in product names and descriptions, must be escaped prior to being passed into the JavaScript API.
Fix: Escape double and single quotes prior to passing strings of text.
Issue: Rejoiner is capturing customer email addresses from newsletter or other triggered opt-in forms.
Fix: In this case, customers would most likely have no items in their carts at the time their emails were captured. You have two options for dealing with this. First, you could build a segment that would only target customers with items in their carts. Alternatively, you could filter the tracking to only capture emails from specific form fields or forms on your website.

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