Download our add-on from the AspDotNetStorefront app store. Complete the app store checkout process and our development partner will follow up with the appropriate add-on for your version of AspDotNetStorefront.
Installation Notes

The Rejoiner plug-in has been designed to work with AspDotNetStorefront version Basic install of the plug-in requires copying files into the file system of your MS site. The files to be copied include existing ASPDNSF website code-behind files; therefore, if any code changes have been made to these files, a merge of the differences will be required to preserve customizations. Otherwise, there should be no issue with replacing these .dlls with the ones in the install package.

Files included (6 files modified, 3 files added):

  • orderconfirmation.aspx.vb (.cs)
  • checkoutanon.aspx.vb (.cs)
  • shoppingcart.aspx.vb (.cs)
  • createaccount.aspx
  • regeneratecart.aspx
  • regeneratecart.aspx.vb (.cs)
  • OPCControls\OnePageCheckout.ascx.vb (.cs)
  • OPCControls\LoginPanel.ascx.vb (.cs)
  • Rejoiner.vb (.cs)

AppConfigs added to the CHECKOUT group with the following settings and descriptions:

  • Rejoiner.Enabled - Set to TRUE to turn on Rejoiner tracking
  • Rejoiner.ConversionMode - Set to STANDARD in most cases. FALLBACK mode will send conversions by email. FALLBACK mode will not be used in most cases.

Topics added:

  • RejoinerAccount - you will need to provide your Site ID and domain registered with Rejoiner. This information can be found on the "Implementation" page inside of your Rejoiner account.

  • var _rejoiner = _rejoiner || [];
    _rejoiner.push(['setAccount', 'your site id here']);
    _rejoiner.push(['setDomain', '']);
    (function () {
    var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript';
    s.async = true; s.src = '';
    var x = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x);
Configuration Instructions (no source code changes)
Create and set the appropriate values for the AppConfig and Topics - HTML view recommended for pasting topics
Copy the .cs or .vb files and one .aspx file into the root of the website
Copy the Rejoiner.cs or .vb file into the App_Code folder

Configuration Instructions (source code changes)

All code changes can be analyzed by using a differences tool, such as ExamDiff or WinMerge. Alternatively, all code changes have been marked with "alp" and the changes noted. For ease of installation, 3 install options are provided that will assist you.

If you know you have not changed the source of a particular file in the list below, simply copy and replace the file on your file system.
If you know you have not changed the source of a particular method in the list below, simply copy the entire method, which will be everything between the comments "alp - begin" and "alp - end."
If you have made changes to these methods, each individual change is also flagged with "alp - begin" and "alp - end." This makes it easy to only put the changes in place needed for the tax adapter without having to copy the entire method.

Configuration Instructions (using method copy)
Create and set the appropriate values for the AppConfig and Topics - HTML view recommended for topics.
Web files
  • orderconfirmation.aspx.vb (.cs) - copy and paste the OnInit method 
  • checkoutanon.aspx.vb (.cs) - copy and paste the btnSignInAndCheckout_Click method 
  • createaccount.aspx.cs - copy and paste the Page_Load method
  • shoppingcart.aspx.vb (.cs) - copy and paste the Page_Load method
  • regeneratecart.aspx and .vb (.cs) - copy into the root of your website
  • OnePageCheckout.ascx.vb (.cs) - copy new imports at top and SubmitOrder_click method
  • LoginPanel.ascx.vb (.cs) - copy new imports at top and btnEmailSubmit_Click method and new ShoppingCart property
  • Rejoiner.vb (.cs) - copy into the App_Code folder
Testing Instructions
Once you have installed the code and set your account information in the Rejoiner Topics, you can test your installation by viewing the JavaScript functions and network calls on the page as you proceed through checkout.
Walk through the testing guidelines outlined here.
If you offer PayPal as a payment option, please verify that Auto Return is activated by  following these instructions.

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