Manage and Export Opt-Outs

Every Rejoiner email is populated with a 1-click unsubscribe link. If customers choose to opt out of your campaign, they are permanently removed from the current abandoned cart sequence and all future campaigns as well.

Including opt-out mechanism

Including an unsubscribe link in your Rejoiner creative can be accomplished by using the {{unsubscribe}} tag. If you do not employ the tag, an unsubscribe link will be injected for you.

Export opt-outs

Rejoiner allows you to export a list of customers who have unsubscribed from your campaigns. The list is generated per campaign only.

From the Email Analytics tab on your dashboard, choose the timeframe that you'd like to export.

Next select the campaign you wish to gather unsubscribes from.

Click Export on the Unsubscribes table.
Your list will download immediately and automatically. Check your browser's Downloads.

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