Exporting Lists

Learn how to export customers from a Rejoiner List into any other platform.

Simple CSV Download

A simple CSV download will give you a CSV with all the data on the Rejoiner List. This includes the email address of your customers, the first name (if available) as well as the date the customer was added and when they were last updated on the List.

Download Steps


Head to the Lists page from the main nav.


Click on the Export icon from the List you want to download.

ALTERNATIVE: Go directly into your List and click on the export button at the top right corner of your List's table.

Selective CSV Download

With a selective CSV download, you get to decide what you want to include in your CSV download by selecting the columns visible on your List.  We recommend this type of export when your List has many columns, but you just want to export select few.

Download Steps


Head over to the List you want to export.


Use the Toggle Columns dropdown to select the columns to include in your export.


Click on the export button at the top right corner of your List's table.


A notification will appear letting you know your CSV has been created.

Your CSV export should now only include the columns you selected.

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