Shopify Integration Guide

Rejoiner offers concierge migration services for eCommerce sites using Shopify

Concierge migration services

In order to connect your Shopify site to Rejoiner, please contact: with the following details:

  1. Shopify instance URL. We will then send you a request to grant us store management in order to continue.
  2. Whether you're using Shopify Core or Shopify Plus.
  3. A list with the names of any add-on extensions you're using for checkout. (Examples: ReCharge, CartHook, etc)
Your Shopify Instance is your store's Shopify domain and usually looks:


Once we have been given access, we will:

  1. Add our extension and let you know as soon as your site is connected to your Rejoiner account. 
  2. Test that your Shopify store is connected to Rejoiner without any problems.
  3. Migrate the last 90 days of site data into your account in order to enrich your Rejoiner experience. (Optional)

Store developers

If you offer PayPal as a payment option, please verify that Auto Return is activated by following these instructions.

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