How do I send a test email to myself?

Simply follow the steps below:
  • Go into the Email Campaigns section of your account.

  • Locate the campaign you wish to send a test to. 
  • Click the pencil icon on the campaign block. This will take you into the campaign's editor.

  • Next, scroll down and at the bottom you'll see a button that says "Send Test"

  • A modal window will appear. There you will want to add your email address. Then press "Send Test Email" to send, and "Okay I'm Done" to close the modal.

  • Note: You can send a test email at once to multiple email addresses. You'd simply need to separate them with a comma like so:

  • You will need to repeat this step for every email in your campaign. To see the rest of the emails, you'll have to click on the email tiers at the left side of the editor.

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