Creating Custom Templates

Coding Custom Templates

Rejoiner full-service customers get free campaign strategy, email design and development as part of their monthly subscription. If you would like to have this service,  book a demo to see all thats included as part of your Rejoiner plan.

Rejoiner campaigns automatically create a plain-text alternative version of your emails, so you would focus on the HTML part only. Also, it is important to mention that your customers' email program will automatically determine which format to display based on the customer's preferences.

Important: We do not recommend using templates from other email services as these have their own tags. These tags are seen as an error in our application and will halt the delivery of your campaign.

If you would still like to create your own templates, there are a couple of things we'd like to recommend.


  • Keep your messaging clear and to the point.
  • Write your copy avoiding spam tramps.
    • Avoid excessive use of words like Free, Clearance, Discount, Bargain, etc., as these may land you in a customer's Spam Box.
  • Upload your images to a publicly available web server.
  • Design your email with a maximum width of 600 px.
    • 600px is the standard width we use designing campaigns as many email clients preview panes tend to be narrow and small.
  • Check how your email is rendering.
    • You will certainly like to use our merge tags to inject customer data. Our campaign editor tutorial will teach you how to start a campaign and add your own code, while also showing you the best way to preview live data in an email.
  • Use inline CSS
    • Browser-based email clients strip away certain parts of your code so that it won't override theirs. Zurb has created a great tool to help you get your code in line.
  • Proofread your copy twice.
    • This way you know that the very first email send of your campaign is perfect.
  • Test your final code in all email clients.
    • Rejoiner uses Litmus for thorough testing on our code, ensuring that your emails will look good no matter where they get opened.
Note: that we do not offer starter HTML templates as every campaign we design is unique.

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