Viewed Item Data is Not Being Tracked

There are several factors that could be impacting our ability to track browse activity on your site. Here's a run-down of possible issues to check that would cause tracking to fail:

Issue: Your abandonment buffer has not expired.
Fix: Verify your  abandonment buffer settings and that you've waited long enough for the browse activity to be tracked and displayed in your dashboard. 
Issue: You've integrated Rejoiner JavaScript on a domain that is different from the one you signed up with.
Fix: If you're integrating in a test environment, you'll need to whitelist the domain for your account by emailing
Issue: The setDomain parameter of your Rejoiner JavaScript tag is configured incorrectly.
Fix: Verify that the setDomain parameter used in your JavaScript employs a leading dot, no subdomain, does not have any extra forward slashes or back slashes, and matches the domain that your Rejoiner account is configured to track.

_rejoiner.push(['setDomain', '']);
Issue: Your platform add-on hasn't been enabled or configured.
Fix: Depending on your eCommerce platform, you may need to enable the Rejoiner add-on from within your platform admin view. 
Issue: The sendConversion call is being employed too early.
Fix: Verify that the sendConversion call is only being used on goal pages and nowhere else. Goal page examples would be customer receipts, order confirmations or other success pages.
Issue: The Rejoiner  basic code snippet isn't placed on every page of your site.
Fix: Verify that our base snippet is placed on every page loaded by end users to be able to track page views. Using Chrome's Developer Tools, click on the Network tab and verify that you are/are not seeing a page view call via the create?url pixel.
Issue: The Rejoiner base snippet is on every page on your site, but no item information is seen in the dashboard.
Fix: Browse abandon activity will be displayed in the Dashboard with a $0.00 cart value; thus, also showing no item data as no items were carted. Value and item information pertains to abandoned orders only.
Issue: The viewed item create?product_id pixel is firing in the product pages, but emails are not showing viewed product information.
Fix: Verify that you are using the correct merge tags in your campaign. If you need help with these, contact

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