How are we different from Mailchimp?

If you're thinking of going with Mailchimp over Rejoiner, here are a few things to consider

Mailchimp as a “DIY” Solution

Going with Mailchimp is great if you (or your team) are prepared to do everything yourself.

This will include:

  • Learning how to use the in’s and out’s of the software to the best of its ability
  • Learning which campaigns you should start running and best practices for setting them all up
  • Choosing basic templates that thousands of other companies may already be using, or…
  • Spending hours looking for a great designer and developer to help you plan and design your campaign mockups and then get them coded
  • Spending an additional $149 per month on Litmus - If your designer and developer are smart, they’ll want to test all your emails through an email testing tool like Litmus (which we use). If you’re going to be sending lots of email, you’ll want to make sure they’re optimized for every app, browser, and device your subscribers use (because broken emails don’t convert into sales)
  • Finding and hiring a great copywriter that knows how to write copy that generates sales from email - Email copy is a bit different to writing copy for pages on your website. People are in a different frame of mind when reading emails so they’ll need to be able to capture subscriber attention and understand how to make them click and buy. There are many people out there that do this, you’ll just need to spend time looking for them and filtering out the bad ones from the great ones.
  • Spending a lot of time piecing together the high-level strategy with the tactical implementation.

Once you’ve finally found a great designer, developer, and copywriter, you’ll need to:

  1. Plan your email marketing strategy
  2. Come up with first drafts for all your campaigns
  3. Piece everything together
  4. Test all your campaigns in Litmus to make sure your emails are opening perfectly on all devices and browsers.
  5. Load your campaigns into Mailchimp
  6. Launch your campaigns
  7. Consistently monitor, test and optimize your campaigns over time to ensure everything is working

One thing people don’t take into account is the opportunity cost of doing it themselves to save a dollar, but in turn getting sub-optimal results.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll set everything up correctly the first time and be on your way to success.

For example you could set up your first cart abandonment campaign yourself (using the process above) and save $500 upfront…

...But if you don’t:

  • Test your emails (using a tool like Litmus)
  • Have the right campaign strategy (timing, offer, segmentation, creative etc)
  • Or have a number of other factors in working order

You could end up reducing the amount of revenue your campaigns generate by 25% - 50% (not uncommon).

So if your cart abandonment campaign is generating $5000 a month instead of $7500 (a 25% increase we could have gotten you), that $500 saving ends up being a ($2500-$500 =) $2000 loss.

So when you add up the revenue you’ve lost + the time it takes you or your team to get everything set up and running, saving $500 per month up front just doesn’t make sense financially.


The True Cost of MailChimp

Sometimes MailChimp can be seen as a cheaper alternative when starting out, which it is.

But over time, as your list grows (because your business will grow, we hope!) so will the amount you pay Mailchimp.

If you have a list of 50,000 subscribers, you’re looking at paying $240 per month + $199 for their “Pro” add-on subscription, bringing you to a total of:

= $439 per month.

And if your list was to double to 100,000 subscribers you would be paying:

$475 + $199 = $674 per month.

And this doesn’t take into account the additional cost of a full-time employee or hiring (and managing) a designer, developer, and copywriter.

So while Mailchimp may seem cheap at first glance. The true cost can make it more expensive than Rejoiner.


Why Rejoiner’s Done With You Solution, May Be Right For You...

1. First, you’ll get a guaranteed 10X ROI on your investment with us.

With Rejoiner we guarantee a 10X ROI. Unheard of in our industry…

So you can be sure you’ll have at least $10,000 in your bank account courtesy of Rejoiner.

2. You get access to our full team of world-class designers, developers, and copywriters. You won’t have to worry about hiring or managing any new team members. We have a basecamp project for each client where you can interact with us and get everything you need right there.

You won’t need to spend time looking for a new employee or freelancers to help you piece together your email program from scratch.

On top of that, we’ve set up thousands of email campaigns for over a 1000 online retailers and eCommerce companies and have helped them generated a collective $115,000,000 to date (you can see the up to date figure on our homepage).

We know what works best and how to get your company results and a return on investment fast.

How do we know?

Because this is all we do, all day every day (excluding weekends of course). We’ve worked with all types of online retailers and eCommerce companies from a variety of different industries.

3. Your monthly subscription has no cap on email sends or subscribers

What you sign up for is what you’ll pay for life. Simple, straightforward pricing.

If you’re still not convinced, maybe Rejoiner isn’t right for you - but that’s ok, just tell us about your current situation and we can point you in the right direction for your needs.

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