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Quick Outline:

Triggers & Actions

Triggers are events that occur within your Rejoiner account. Actions can be taken inside of your Rejoiner account when an event is triggered by another application.

Name Type Description
Abandon Trigger Send abandoned cart data to other applications when a contact abandons your site.
Unsubscribe Trigger Send new unsubscribes to other applications when a contact unsubscribes from a campaign.
Add to list Action Add an email to a list inside of Rejoiner when triggered by an event in another application.


Request an invitation for our Zapier integration here.
Connect your Rejoiner account to Zapier using the Site ID, API Key & API Secret found under Implementation: 

Use Cases

Automatically Sync Unsubscribes Between Rejoiner and Other Email Software
For this example, we're going to use Zapier to send new unsubscribes to Mailchimp. 

Select the Contact Unsubscribe trigger
Make sure you have at least one recent unsubscribe available for testing.
Next, we're going to add our action step which is unsubscribing the contact from your Mailchimp list. Choose the Unsubscribe Email action for Mailchimp and configure:

Other Zapier Usage Ideas:

Add Contact to List When Order Status Changes
Add a contact to a list when their order status changed in WooCommerce

Trigger a Welcome Series for Pop-up Opt-ins
Trigger a new welcome series when a contact opts-into a WisePop form.

Send Abandoned Cart Details to CRM
Send details about new cart abandoners to Saleforce.

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