Start Here - Integration Options

The first step required to launch a Rejoiner campaign is to connect your website to our application. This allows us to track abandoned carts, converted orders and the transactional data that comes along with both. We integrate with eCommerce websites in three different ways, summarized below.

Select your platform from the list below, then follow the step by step configuration instructions:

Platform Add-ons - Robust, pre-built integrations the are best installed by a developer or some one with technical knowledge of your site. We have pre-built add-ons for:

Copy & Paste JavaScript - Less complex integrations that can be installed by anyone who is familiar with your cart platform. We have copy & paste integrations prepared for:

Google Tag Manager - Google's  tag management product that allows for effortless management of tags on your website.

Custom  JavaScript - The most complex option for custom eCommerce platforms that should be undertaken by developers only. 

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