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You may also import contacts by uploading  a formatted CSV file. In this tutorial, you'll learn how create and manage a list of contacts.

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Create a New List

You can create a new list and add contacts in a few different ways:

  1. Type or paste individual contact emails
  2. Upload from a file. Be sure to format the CSV correctly
  3. Copy & paste from a spreadsheet

To create a list:

Click Lists in the lefthand sidebar, then click Create List
Name your list and click Save

Add New Contacts

To add contacts to your list, start by clicking the Contacts icon on your new list.
Then click Update List
You may paste a list of contact emails, or contact emails + first name values. Note: If you're pasting contact emails and names, you must use the correct formatting and include email, firstname above the data you're adding to the list.

Import Contacts

You may also import contacts by uploading  a formatted CSV file.
Simply drag and drop your CSV into the uploader, click Update List and you'll receive an email notification once your list has finished processing.

Formatting Guidelines for Import

  • If uploading only contact emails, your CSV should include one email per line in a single column.
  • If uploading contact emails and names, your CSV must define the two header columns as email and firstname. Download an example here


Finding List ID

There may be an instance where you may want to see a list's ID – such as for custom list implementations via our  REST API

You can easily find a list's ID below the name of your list in the contacts view. 

To see this, you'd need to:

Go into your lists section on the application
Click on contacts to enter the list
Use our easy copy-paste feature to copy the ID of your list.

Available Merge Tags

You can use merge tags in order to inject List data into your emails. 

Attribute Description
{{}} The email address of a list's lead
{{lead.first_name}} The lead's first name
{{lead.custom_1}} Custom field 1*
{{lead.custom_2}} Custom field 2*
{{lead.custom_3}} Custom field 3*
{{lead.custom_4}} Custom field 4*
{{lead.custom_5}} Custom field 5*

Custom field merge tags are only used when your Lists have custom data being passed to us via  REST API.

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