Test Emails Are Not Being Sent

If abandoned carts are being tracked in your account, but no test emails are being sent, here are some things to double check in order to diagnose what's happening:

Issue: The campaign is paused.
Fix: Verify the  status of your campaign and that the campaign you are expecting to receive test emails from is activated.
Issue: The same email address is being tested with repeatedly, within a short period of time, without clearing cache prior to testing.
Fix: Clear your cache prior to running a test and use an email address that hasn't been tracked in the last 24 hours.
Issue: The test email address has unsubscribed from a campaign in the past.
Fix: Verify that the email address you're using to test with hasn't opted-out of any previous Rejoiner campaigns. You can find out if an email has been opted-out by viewing  order events for that email address, or if the order greyed out on your dashboard.
Issue: {{cart_data.return_url}} is being used in the HTML templates, but is not being passed from the shopping cart.
Fix: In this case, a failsafe will prevent the campaign from sending. This failsafe exists to prevent a customer from receiving an email that contains faulty links. If you're unsure about what data is being sent from your platform, please  contact us.
Issue: The sendConversion call is being employed too early.
Fix: Verify that the sendConversion call is only being used on goal pages and nowhere else. Goal page examples would be customer receipts, order confirmations or other success pages.
Issue: Your Rejoiner JavaScript isn't placed on a page where an email could be captured.
Fix: Verify that your Rejoiner JavaScript is placed on a page where a customer email address would be captured. This is typically a cart, registration or checkout page.

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