Setting Your Abandonment Buffer

The order expiration buffer is an adjustable period of time that defines how long Rejoiner waits to define a cart as abandoned.

Important: We highly recommend that your order expiration buffer be set to 30 minutes for all production, customer-facing accounts. Expiration times of less than 30 minutes should be used for testing only.

Buffer Logic

We built the buffer feature because we believe there is a period of time immediately after a customer leaves a site, where he is likely to come back and convert on his own. That period of time is different for every business and our goal is not to cannibalize a sale you were going to get any way.

How It Works

From a customer's last tracked interaction on your website, the buffer you've set starts counting down. Should the customer return to your site at any point during the buffer period, it will reset. If your buffer counts down to zero, the session will then be defined as abandoned.

Set Your Buffer

Click Settings

Click Domain

Adjust the Buffer using the dropdown

Save your Domain Settings

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