Configure Notifications and Reports

In this tutorial, you'll learn about the various notifications and email reports that Rejoiner can send to you and your team. 

You can easily activate/deactivate notifications from Settings > Notifications by selecting only the ones you wish to receive.

Remember to save your Notification Settings for the changes to take place.

Notification Types

Abandoned Cart - Receive an email when a cart is abandoned.

Recovered Cart - Receive an email when abandoned carts are recovered by your Rejoiner campaign.

Goal Achieved - Receive an email when a customer completes a post-conversion goal.

Weekly Report - Receive a summary report of all campaign activity for the last 7 days. This report is sent at midnight on Sunday nightExample Report: 

Win Back Success - Receive an email when a win back campaign has successfully recovered an order.

Test Completion - Receive an email when a test has reached its desired sample size.

Browse Abandonment - Receive an email when a customer leaves a browsing session without adding products to cart.

Browse Completion - Receive an email when a window-shopper on your site converts into a customer.

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